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Hello {{answer_6591013}} !!! We are going to take a quick quiz to better understand your social media abilities.

I actively participate in all of my personal and business social media sites at least once a week.

I comment on other users' posts and provide useful insight.

I start discussions in a group and share my enthusiasm through online communities.

I answer questions and provide solutions to those who express interest in my posted material.

I promote special offers and events through my social media outlets.

I delegate all posting and commenting responsibilities to my staff to get them involved with the process.

I engage in social bookmaking, (i.e Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.) to help circulate helpful information in my network and business community.

I've set clear goals for all the social media outlets in which I contribute regularly.

I swiftfully and tactfully address negative comments and use all input as useful feedback.

I have identified leads through my social media effort and followed up with these prospects.

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